There are a number of different cheap protein powder options available on the market. As a buyer, it is important that you know what is in your protein powder.

In order to sell the protein powder at lower prices, protein powder companies use different techniques to lower the quality of the protein powder.

Some of these techniques include adding fake protein powder to the actual protein powder itself. In fact, some companies add things such as amino acids to spike the protein powder to give it a higher protein count.

The companies add amino acid to the protein powder as  it is cheaper to source the amino acid. Amino acids are cheaper by around 80% when compared to the protein powder itself. The issue with such practices is that by adding amino acid to the protein powder, the end consumer does not get the actual benefits of using the protein powder. The fake protein, that is the amino acid, is denatured protein or protein that cannot be used by the body. Although, on paper it may look like that you are taking in around 25 grams of protein, you are actually probably only taking in around 3 to 5 grams of protein. So if you are buying these cheap protein powders, you are probably not getting the benefit of using a protein powder supplement as per your requirement.

The other method that is often used by the protein powder companies is to add different types of cheaper protein powder to the mixture. So, for example, protein powder companies would mix soy protein to their whey protein. The whey protein would cost a lot more to buy when compared to soy protein, so by adding the soy protein they are able to lower the cost per serving of the protein powder. However, the end consumer is unaware of this. The issue for the consumer is that they are buying the protein powder thinking that they are buying one type of protein, however, they are receiving a mixture of different expensive and cheap protein powder.

In order to combat these practices, a number of lawsuits have been filed in the United States of America. The evidence that is being presented in most of the cases is that big protein companies are spiking their protein powder with fake protein or amino acids.

The reason that protein companies do this is so that they can sell cheap protein powder as there is a very big market for people who are looking for cheap protein powder and cheap supplements. From our experience, the price for whey protein powder fluctuates a lot and protein companies have to take into account the fluctuation when pricing their products for retail. Also, there are things such as packaging, shipping and marketing expenses. This quickly increases the price for the protein companies to sell their protein powder.

We at Simply Whey do not spend much on marketing and packaging, nor do we spike or mix the whey protein powder. This means you are able to sell highest quality whey protein powder for a cheap price. At the time of writing this article we were selling the protein powder for $39 per kg.

Many times people ask is why they should buy our whey protein powder when they can buy cheaper American big brand protein powder, as the shops sell them for around $20 to $30 per kg. The reality is that these protein powder companies are the spiking their protein powder or they are mixing their protein powder to lower the price. The cost of selling protein powder at $20 to $30 per KG is just not viable. This is because the cost of buying the protein powder, packing them in big containers, labelling them and then shipping them to New Zealand would cost them more than retailing it at that price. It is next to impossible to sell it for so low.  Retail shops have a markup of around 2.3 times the wholesale price, which means that they purchase them between $8-$12 per kg and the wholesale for whey protein is a lot higher.

So, next time you are looking for cheap protein powder, it is important to remember there if you are looking for something cheap you need to be aware that your protein powder may have been spiked or mixed with other things. On the other hand, if you are looking for something clean, grass-fed New Zealand high quality protein powder then we do not at all mix anything to our protein powder.


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